Physics in One Dimension: equivalent of Physics 11

There are 6 topics in this course with each topic having two or more sections. An estimated time frame to be spent on typical groupings is as follows:

1. Introductory Skills & Kinematics: Study of Motion(25-30 hours)
2. Dynamics: Study of Forces (20-25 hours)
3. Energy & Momentum (10-15 hours)
4. Thermal & Nuclear Energy (10 - 15 hours)
5. Relativity (7 - 10 hours)
6. Waves (8 - 12 hours)
7. Optics: Light, Lenses & Mirrors (8 - 12 hours)

There are objectives listed at the beginning of each topic that you will be expected to know at the conclusion of the topic.

For each lesson, there is a self-guided assignment, you may take as many times as you like. At the end of each section, there is a practice assignment and formal assignment.

At the end of each topic there is a cummulative test.

Please view the Class Tools sections for other information relevant to this course.

I hope you enjoy the course, and Good Luck.